Welcome To MolecuGene

Welcome to MolecuGene!  We created our products to serve the needs of our community.  At our practice, we combine a conventional and holistic approach to patient care, better known as integrative or functional medicine.  Our job is to focus on the root cause of disease, and use a blend of nutritional supplements, dietary recommendations, blood work testing, stress reduction, exercise and natural treatments as therapeutic treatments.  Our dietary supplements are for sale on Amazon, just search Molecugene.

Alternative medicine continues to become more mainstream, and here at MolecuGene, we are working overtime to introduce our products to the community at large.  I hope you enjoy our products, and hope you sign on to receive our blogs and any future promotions.

My second passion for fashion, and I'm constantly in search of items that I believes people will feel good wearing.  People want to feel good both on the inside and in their outward appearance.  This platform has given me the opportunity to converge on both.  I hope you enjoy this shop, and if you have any suggestions on items you wish to see, shoot me an email!



Jennifer Seguancia, MSN, FNP-C