Covid-19 Is Serious Business

Many in the country are grappling with a sudden life changes.  What began as an outbreak in a far away country, soon found its way to American doorsteps.  Most have found themselves in a surreal situation; stay at home orders, closed stores and restaurants, becoming an instant stay at home teacher, and a feeling of fear for our Nation for the first time in our lives.  It began with lack of toilet paper, essential cleaning items, and aisles of empty shelves.  Today we learned that a Navy Hospital ship, the USNS Mercy, deployed to Los Angeles to help with California's overwhelmed hospitals taking care of Coronavirus patients.

Many in New York have already seen the tragedy that this virus brings. President Trump and his advisers have gone to unprecedented lengths to assure Americans that in this time of crisis, he will institute protections on a scale we have never seen before.  Governors, Congresspeople, Large and Small Businesses, have pulled together to do their best to increase hospital capacity, and try to bring personal protective equipment, and life saving ventilators to our local hospitals. 

My many years working in critical care, bring flashes of anxiety for what my fellow nurses are just now beginning to face.  Many hard and long shifts are ahead of these individuals, who are not without fear, but have dedicated themselves to caring for others.  These front line fighters will need all the support we can give them.  There is not a choice for them to stay home and shelter in place.  They are called to face this invisible beast, while leaving their loved ones behind.  The most important contribution you can make in their honor, is to stay home if you can.  Take care of your family, eat well, get sleep, spend some time appreciating the little moments, exercise and stay healthy.

I am a mother of 7, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a Nurse Practitioner.  I am an essential worker, and I will do my best to keep my patients healthy and out of the hospital.  So keep on top of your health, it is more important now than ever.


Jennifer Seguancia, MSN, FNP-C

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